Celebrate Every friday 7-10pm # LADIES LIGHT

This Promotion is over, thank you all for lovely support.

Tuesday to Sunday ( 11:00am - 7:00pm) Place Your Order & Get 10% Discount on total bill.(Bill Amount Have to More than 25000 F)

About us

Enjoy Indian Street food (15th january to 31st january 20018

Our restaurant brands are built on key customer insights. The Indian dining experience where food is synonymous with entertainment is our chief inspiration. The culinary and experiential diversity of these restaurant brands reflect the rich diversity of those who visit our restaurants. 

At each of our restaurant brands, the experience differs. All the details are linked to the brand experience- the menu, ambience, team culture and even the marketing. We believe that focusing on enhancing our guest experience will help create brands that have the greatest impact on our customers.